nathan :: a six minute egg

nathan :: six minute egg
To bring you up to speed, if I've been out of your sight, off of your gossip pages or you don't know me from Adam….
Three years ago I reached the limit of things I was able to handle. I had a breakdown, attempted suicide, was hospitalized, only to return to my unhealthy, habitual life. Four months later, boom! Fucking COVID. You can imagine what happened next. Rinse and Repeat. The Rinse was the messy stuff. The Repeat was an even more grand, total mental breakdown, loss of time, memory, language and I became afraid of everything. Nathan no more, Nathan no good. Full hog bonkers. Rock Bottom attained - fingers crossed.
So here I am. And after waiting to find some level of writing prowess, waiting for others to tell me this was a good idea and waiting for me to develop the technical skills to create a killer website, I was frozen by inaction. Everything will be shamelessly sussed out in future posts, there's a fucking lot behind inaction. I hope to not take months to create each post, as I did with the first "Welcome" post and I reserve the right to edit as I go along. This is selfishly all for my benefit, but I do hope it might be a source of caregiving, even if it's only to waste 10 minutes of your time with nonsense, scattered citations, flophouse humor or simple-minded drivel. And I do hope for some dialogue. Honestly, I cringe to think of dialog. It's so touchy feely. It's so not me. But that's the problem. Invite anyone you want into this. You don't even have to ask. I should probably shield you all from some things, but I'm 53yo and I was recently homeless in the city of Chicago having no direction. So let's get started….

why blogging might be good for the noggin - HA! bloggin for the noggin

how to make a six minute egg

*Time elapsed: 120 minutes to write, six to read. I probably should have taken more time in edit but, fuck it and post it.  And, shall be my mantra = fuck it and post it

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