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Jacob Lawrence - Depression

    flotsam culled from my twisted head,
    things I see or stuff made up - just because, 
    happenings of the past, in the present and stories from any experienced future,
    ideas of brilliance, from fantastical worlds, or from the insane, bitter truth,
    disenchanted spells and universal voices,
    dad jokes, 
and every form of blue language you and your mother could imagine. 

Following a run-of-the-mill mental breakdown,  unbalanced and foggy, guided by crazy, I started on a trip.  Jumping from one halfway house to another, each just a bit closer to humanity, and with pockmarked thoughts still ruling, I took my first steps back to normal. These thoughts, acting as if they had the notion to be my beacon back from crazy, were both frustratingly irregular and angrily foreign. 

It has been a trip.

Like an anxious little clam at low tide announcing its place in the world, for the call of Portugal was somehow still a guide, and directed by a foreign state of mind, I believe, with trepidation, that I have something to say. I've been told that self-discovery is healthy, 'unpack your truths and it will set you free....' so, joy of all joys, if you're here, you get to experience how awful a packer I am. 

There will be nothing of political color. (I hold all rights to subsequently rant, troll or canvas as I see fit, with any ideas of political nature if the present day discourse of stupidity persists). In spite of my recent attempt to an analytical understanding of the Buddha, I hope not be preachy.  Scoffing at anything spiritual has not done me any good to date. Certainly, professing any spiritual truths won't either. I probably won't sell anything. Yet, against all my socialist ideals, if anyone has ideas for a profitable business, I have no shame in monetizing any of this, reputable or not. 

So, I haven't decided how this site is to be filled. What will percolate, with what design and with whose voice is still to be determined.  Hey, with the recent, unexplainable power of the influencer, who knows how much of a vapid grift this shall become? So, look out for one or two make-up tutorials appropriate for any middle aged, white, gay man. 

If you have something to say, say it in the comment section I have yet to make a decision about. I review; you review; we all review, and have come to believe access to everything we think and experience is worthy of expression (*see below). Irregardless of my decision on this matter, any comments with improper grammar will be immediately deleted.  Hashtag me, heart or thumbs down me, tweet me, share me, block or follow me, it's all on you. This is a self-serving digital expression to get me back to some analog code of normalcy. And, be damned!  I believe in long sentences.

Welcome to Postscripts from Crazy

*see above

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